We're passionate about Gifting.

Everyone loves getting gifts.  But, at Zing, we're passionate about the whole presentation -- from expertly branded items to the personalized way it's delivered to each recipient.  After all, the unboxing experience is just as important as what's inside.  

It's because of our passion at Gifting that requires us to be experts at kitting and fulfillment.

We stock.  We assemble.  We ship.

Our new 150,000 sq ft warehouse and production studio gives you access to our enhanced storage and warehousing facility, our pick/pack logistics program and our drop ship team -- all perfectly wrapped to bring you 1 exceptional source for your next kitting & fulfillment program.  

We'll high-five you for making it unique!

At Zing, we love fun, unique ideas to make your gifting program stand out from others.  We don't shy away from complex kitting ideas or personalizing each drop ship.  We think that's what you should expect from an industry leader.  Take advantage of these great drop ship ideas:

  • Personalized branded items (Yup! Each one different.)
  • Marketing collateral blow-ins like letters from the president
  • Unique insertions like Thank You cards or Coupons
  • Drop ship to as many addresses as you want - international, too!
  • Kit multiple items together - let's make atleast 50% of them Zing products.  But that also means that we'll kit other supplier's products, too.
  • Warehouse your branded items for quick, pick/pack programs.


Check out our Gift Box options!

Two Sizes, Two Finishes, Endless possibilities.

Whether you need 12 or 12,000, we can tailor-make custom gift boxes with nearly any combination of personalized products inside.  DOWNLOAD ZING GIFT BOX OPTIONS.

  • Step 1:  Choose your products (we can help, too!)
  • Step 2:  Choose a Box Size (Small or Large)
  • Step 3:  Choose a Finish (Standard Black or Premium Textured)

We'll handle the rest.  Just contact your Zing Representative to get your product started.

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