Upload your order using a .CSV file

In order to place an order, you must be logged in to your account, otherwise you can only validate the CSV file to ensure a proper format is used.

Zing Manufacturing knows that not all of our clients are alike. We have created the “Upload Order” section specifically for those clients who have back-end systems they use to generate their purchase orders.

To better facilitate our ability to meet the needs of clients with these kinds of capabilities, we designed our “Upload Order” section to accomplish two functions:

  • 1) When you are NOT logged in, it allows you to validate an order to make sure it complies with our order entry guidelines
  • 2) When you are logged in, and the file has passed validation, your entire order can be uploaded into our system with the push of a button

You can download an example of our file requirements by clicking here.

In order to use “Upload Order”, your backend system must be able to save a file as a CSV file that conforms to the parameters as outlined in the example file. Please note there are three (3) tabs in this document:

  • 1) Upload Temp – this is the upload template of what your file should look like
  • 2) Column Definitions – this tab goes into detail on what each column represents, which ones are required, and which ones are optional
  • 3) Example – an example of what one of your orders may look like when it conforms to the requirements listed in tabs 1 and 2 above

In either “Validate” mode or “Upload Order” mode, if there are any issues with the file, a response will be returned to you immediately outlining the line number(s) where the errors are occurring as well as the error(s) are highlighted in Red Text. Should you have any questions with regards to “Upload Order”, please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know.