guest concierge

The Zing model of customer service does not begin with the business we’ve created but, of the customer for whom we created this business. So, we’ve asked you, our customer, to tell us what you look for in your best suppliers.

Here is what you’ve told us:

1.  Inventory
2.  Reliable Information
3.  Quick Response
4.  Accuracy
5.  Product Quality and Innovation
6.  Value
7.  Samples
8.  Low minimums

A commitment to carry a 3 month supply of inventory and a minimum order requirement of just 12 units are examples of our commitment to meeting or exceeding all of these expectations.  All of this is well and good. And, no doubt many suppliers have similar intentions. However, at Zing we believe the key ingredient to our mix is not mentioned above. The delivery of the above ingredients has to be replicated time after time. Thus, we add

9. Consistency

as the necessary final ingredient. To do this, we have a predictable system that is followed consistently on every transaction from free samples, to order-entry, to art-approval, to production, to on-time shipping, to ASN’s (advanced shipping notices), to your customer’s complete satisfaction.

We refer to the Zing Model as Concierge-Service because a great Concierge wants to be known as a person that cares, really cares, about the well-being and the feelings of her customer. Zing Concierge-Service is simply our unique way of doing business. It is the synergy of both a system and great people that allows us to replicate this same experience every single time. And, our desired end-result is

10. Trust

Let us know how we’re doing. We would love to hear from you.



Tom Lawson