Artwork approval

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Artwork approval - required before Production

ZingMfg’s commitment to producing the perfect product for your clients starts with reproducing the perfect rendering of their company's logo on our product. We won't start manufacturing your order until we have sent you an online, email, or fax proof of what the product will look like.

When submitting artwork for engraving, please use the following guidelines:

  • Zing Mfg provides a convenient and easy way for you to manage your client’s artwork on our system. Once you log-in, you can go to Distributor Tools -> Manage & Upload Artwork to take advantage of this tool.
  • Additionally, when you have entered and processed an order in the cart, you are provided a link to return to that order and attach artwork to each specific line item for that order.
  • For all artwork uploaded, please send a high resolution (300 dpi or greater) file as any of the following: *.jpg, *.jpeg, or *.png files if they are 300 dpi or greater.
  • Larger sized files are preferred, however please do try and keep the files under 3MB in size.
  • Please do NOT attempt to resize your artwork to the size you believe we need. We will resize the artwork here to fit your product choice.
  • Any other artwork files such as faxed or scanned artwork, scanned business cards, or Microsoft Word *.doc files are NOT camera ready art and are not acceptable.
  • During the Artwork Approval Process, we may require you to email vector art. The preferred file type is an Adobe Illustrator vector file: *.eps, *.ai, or *.pdf. All text must be converted to outlines.*

* Converting text to outlines changes the text from a font to an object. If this is not done, our version of Illustrator will select a default font that will not match the one in your logo. In order to do this, simply select all the text you typed and prest Shift+Ctrl+O.

Art Prep

ZingMfg employ's its own in-house staff that review, modify, and/or create artwork that is to be laser-engraved on our product. Artwork to be submitted must be black and white. Camera ready artwork is required for all new logo setups. In some cases, color separated artwork may be required. Unless otherwise specified, all artwork will be sized to best maximize the imprint area indicated. If no particular imprint area is indicated, we reserve the right to decorate the area most suitable for the artwork and method specified.